Top 6 resources to download free ebook

1)  if you are you looking for programming books ? On FreeComputerBooks one can easily find tons of free Computer Books, Mathematics, Technical Books and Lecture Notes. In addition one could also find ebooks for Windows, Linux, Java,JS, HTML, C++, DB, Python and all kinds of ebooks on Networks. There is no registration required.

2)  is a very professional site. The site claims to be the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks. On smashwords there are close to 12,000 ebooks available for free download in various formats and languages. Once again no registration is required.


3) At you discover thousands of public domain and original ebooks. We shall rate the site 5 out 5 stars on User Experience. The sites well defined layout it is very easy to discover ebooks. The books are categorized in a way that you can easily find what you’re looking for. The site doesn’t require any registration.


4) is another interesting site that offers platform for both authors and readers The only condition is that Authors have to offer free ebooks. In return they benefit greatly from the large community of readers. You can download ebooks from without any registration. We shall rate the site 3 out of 5 stars on usability.

5) Bookdepository offers over 11.000 great ebooks for free in PDF format (many of which are strange and obscure like). They thrust that if you like the book you’ve downloaded you may even want to buy a physical copy. All books can be downloaded directly without registration.

6) is last site on our list. The sites has million of pdfs listed on the site. The usability of the site is not that great. We shall only give 2 stars out of 5 to this site. The biggest benefit of the site is that you could read without downloading.

Porn Industry- How big is it?

The whole world is watching porn. A friend of mine who works for little unknown porn startup(caution advisory) sent a link to interested article titled: “just how big are porn sites?”According to one study the redtube gets close to 25 million page views in today. First of all I couldn’t believe the number presented in the study. In fact it is not study it is newspaper article by a major publication.

According to the article redtube bandwidth costs are close to 1million dollar a month and site is struggling to make money from ads. The reason seems obvious. People are jerking and not clicking on the ads on redtube.

I couldn’t believe this data point and decided to dig this little further. To my surprise the things presented in the article were quite correct. Nearly 30% of the internet traffic is porn. Wow J. That’s means in this hypocritical society no one want to acknowledge that he/she watches porn but behind the curtains of our home we are busy watching porn.

I decided to take a look at top 100 alexa sites: Here is what i have found. There are at least 4 sites in top 100.



There are at least 4 porn sites in top 100 visited sites in the world.

Here is where it gets even more interesting. There is study conducted by Alexa and published by Huffingtonpost which says

Data collected by Alexa, a subsidiary of that tracks Web traffic around the world, revealed that pornographic sites were among the most visited Internet destinations in Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Islamic world has long been critical of immoral chores of the west, and arabs visit more porn sites than other sites. Ironical isn’t it?

Well we also know for fact that our inner drive to have physical relationships with opposite sex is inherent part of our who we are. The fundamental purpose of the an human being is to reproduce and yet continue to look upon it as some sought of an immoral act. No wonder why sex video sites continue to thrive through out the world across religions and cultures.